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edited 09/20/22 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to obtain the percentage of the following:

Orders On Time

Orders In Full

Orders On Time in Full

My formulas are as follows:

Orders On Time - =ROUND(SUM([On Time (OT) %]1 / [Order Count]1)) + "%"

Orders In Full - =ROUND(SUM([In Full (OTIF) %]1 / [Order Count]1)) + "%"

Orders On Time in Full - =ROUND(SUM([On Time (OT) %]1 - 0 / [On Time (OT) %]1 + [Late %]1)) + "%"

Basically my Order On Time is not working and only showing 0% but removing the round gives a value of 21%

I enclose a screenshot of my test data

The figures to the right of the results is formula with out the round added for example

=SUM([On Time (OT) %]1 / [Order Count]1)

If my formulas \ maths are incorrect please advise as i would like to get this sorted.



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