Modified Date loses detail when referenced


Application: Trying to capture and display a 'sheet last modified' value on a dashboard.

Approach: Using a formula in the sheet summary sidebar to find the max value of all timestamps in the 'Modified' column. Formula is as follows and is functioning as expected.


Problem: The displayed value from the formula is the correct date, but loses the timestamp detail (HH:MM). This can work in applications where the update frequency is weekly or every few days, but in cases where we need to verify if data collection has occurred following a shift, or after an update request was sent, for example, this timestamp data is critical to the application intent.

I don't want to use notifications for this, as this affects a large distribution list and isn't something we want to generate non-value-added communications around.


The data type options in the sheet summary includes 'date', but not 'modified date' which appears to be it's own metadata format type developed specifically for the 'modified' timestamp function, similar to other Smartsheet custom row metadata types for 'Latest Comment', 'Created By', and 'Created'.

I've tried pulling this value in as text vs. a date, but this throws an 'invalid column value' error. Wondering if there's a way to convert this to text through a helper column or formula function that would eliminate the data loss.

Appreciate any feedback on how to bridge this gap.

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