IF Formula using Dropdowns and Checkboxes


Hi, Smartsheet formula novice here! I hope the following will make sense.

I'm attempting to create an IF formula that makes use of two drop down options from 1 column as well as checkboxes from 2 additional columns.

Currently, the below 3 columns must be checked for the 4th column to be checked (starred) off.

=IF([Entered on Homes with Access to Minibus Group]@row = "true", IF(AND([Entered on Home Group]@row = "true", [Home Admin Notified]@row = "true"), true, false), false)

I would like to replace the first column's checkbox with a drop down list (pictured below), with the following conditions required for the fourth column to be checked off:

"Yes" or "No Minibus"


Columns 2 and 3 selected

Many thanks for your time and please do let me know if you require more information.

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