Can I add HAS formula to this existing formula?


I have a formula that pulls hours from one sheet if the department has been selected in a dropdown but the problem is that it has to be a single dropdown and we have multiple departments that could be working on the same project. I would like to find a formula that can pull the hours from the week but from a multi select dropdown so we don't have to have a separate line item for each department that works on a job.

(I only have about 4 months of spreadsheet making knowledge and I will be the SME at my company so any other advice is gladly welcome)

Here is the formula for one of the departments.

=SUM(SUMIFS({Dates1}, {Department}, "Tailoring", {Status}, "WIP"), SUMIFS({Dates1}, {Department}, "Tailoring", {Status}, "Offsite work")) * 1.25

Dates1 = hours required for work during the first week of the year. pulled from "Master Project Tracker"

Department = the single select dropdown list that i would like to be able to make a multi select from "Master Project Tracker"

Status = only pull the hours for the job if it has "WIP" or "Offsite work"


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