I have a master sheet, where I am keeping track of the progress of various tasks. The progress is being monitored using checkboxes.

The structure of the sheet will be clearer through IMAGE A. Each project has it's own smartsheet and I would like to format the master sheet based on targets met in the individual sheet. 

For example: If the task A for project A is 100% (as shown in the individual project sheet), then the checkbox in the Master sheet should be ticked. 

Is it possible to do this kind off formatting ? As far as I know cell linking is one way of connecting master sheet to individual sheets. 


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You could use cross-sheet formulas or you could connect the individual sheets thru cell-linking to the master sheet and then have formulas looking at those cells and check the boxes if they are 100%.

After you've set up the cell-links, you could hide the columns.

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

I would suggest cross sheet references in formulas. You would need to be careful though in how you set up your cross sheet references because you could end up hitting the limit relatively quickly depending on the number of projects.