Is there anyway to modify the body of the email.  I would like to like dates in smartsheet to a "date" in the body of the email.


Your company is now "live".  Follow up will occur on 10/31/18  <----  this is the date I would like to have updated when the email is sent out.


Yes. When setting up the notifications, you can go into the "Customize message" menu. You are able to customize both the title and body of the email. 


If your notification is set to "Send right away", you can use a column placeholder to have it autofill the data that is in the column of whatever row is triggering the notification. Simply use a double set of curly brackets around the column name, and that should do it for you.


{{Column Name}}

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One more question, how do I get around pulling in from a linked sheet?  Is there a way to select that?


So in the screen shot you will see to cells with data, I need to grab the data from one cell for a section in the email and the second cell for another section in the email.


Does this make sense?


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A possible workaround could be to link that cell to another column on the correct row so that it's possible to use placeholders for it.

Would that work?

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Unfortunately displaying the data from 2 separate rows isn't possible. Place holders only work for Send Right Away and only pull from whatever row triggered the notification.