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We use web forms to allow employees to upload images from their mobile devices (creating a new row in a smartsheet and attaching the images.)


At present we seem to be stuck at a limit of 10 images, however the attachment limit for a row appears to be much higher. Is there a way to bypass this "mobile" upload limit, or are we stuck at 10?


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Have you checked to see if the limit is with your phot mobile settings for size. 

I haven't! I'll run a dummy test now on my device and report back... Watch this space#






Hi Simon--


We do currently limit Web Form file uploads to 10 files and up to 30 mb per file. If users need to submit more files, I'd suggest sending them an Update Request on the new row created after their initial submission.

I'd also like an increase to file uploads on Web Forms (to 30 files?).


I have several customers submitting dozens of web ads at a time.


While I do appreciate the work-around Kennedy Stomps suggested, it adds a lot of back and forth.



Hi Kelly-- The limit on file uploads right now is a technical limitation; increasing this limit at all would place a major burden on the transfer process between a web form and the sheet and would exponentially increase the chance that submissions would fail and nothing would get added to the sheet--and that wouldn't be good! I can add your vote to increase this limit to our enhancement request list, but as it is a technical limitation, this isn't on our short term roadmap at this point. Hope this helps clear things up!



Whats the current file size limit for form attachments?


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If it hasn't changed lately, it's 30MB per file and ten files per form.

Hope that helps!

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