Update: The Formulas Usability test is now complete. If you are interested to have early access to Formulas enhancements and other features, we invite you to sign up for the Early Adopter Program. Here's an information sheet about the program, and here's the sign up form.

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We're working on enhancements to formulas in Smartsheet and are looking for folks to join a usability study. You'll have a chance to try out an early version of the new formula features and provide feedback. The format will be a 30-minute video conference. 


If you are interested, please sign up here!




Smartsheet Product Team



I'm very interested in being a part of this usbility study and may have another team member join me in this one.

Thanks Melissa for your interest!


Just a note for folks signing up: while we may not be able to contact everyone this time around, we will add you to our pool of customers who are interested to provide feedback on future formula enhancements.


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You can also add me to this list or a future look at formulas.  


-- Kent Vaughn