I have a sheet that we use to co-ordinate service work.

It is getting pretty big. 


Is there anyway to have Smartsheet automatically go to todays date on the sheet, as opposed to starting at row 1?





Hi Rob,

I know you can set the gantt to open to the current date but I haven't seen anything that will do what your asking. I would be interested in knowing if someone else knows something.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.


Hi Rob-- Have you considered using Reporting to help "break up" larger sheets? You can set up report criteria to only pull in tasks from the sheet that are scheduled for today, this week, or just in the future. You can edit rows on the sheet directly from the report, so you wouldn't have to bounce between sheets.

Kennedy, Thanks, that is a great idea.



Not automatic, but Ctrl+F (Windows) will open the Find dialog and dates like 02/19 will be found.