Is there a way to create a weekly notification that has enclosed within it a report for each user's outstanding tasks from all of our active smartsheets?

In other words, I have 30 projects and in those 30 projects, Lisa and Dave have tasks.  I want to remind Lisa and Dave each week of all the tasks that they have in those 30 projects that need them to provide an update.  So the Reminder would have the list of tasks by project listed, Lisa and Dave can click on the tasks in that list one by one and address them.

This is in lieu of getting a ton of update request messages in their inbox that they have to go in and open the email, then open the line item, and so on.



Hello Michele, 

Notifications can only be sent at the sheet level at this time. However, you can schedule your report to be sent on a weekly basis as a PDF or Excel format using the steps in this article from our Help Center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/516096-sharing-sending-reports#rep…

If you have not created the report yet. I would recommend creating separate reports for Dave and Lisa that will pull their outstanding tasks from your projects using the steps in this article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522214-creating-reports#build

Once you build the reports, you can share them with Lisa and Dave and schedule them to be sent to each of them on a weekly basis. 

Please use this Product Enhancement Request form to submit your vote for notifications to be sent from a report so it can be considered by our Product Team for future implementations. 

Kind Regards, 


SmartSheet Technical Support