Has anyone had a problem wrapping text? I've had a few instances where text needed wrapped in a cell, but the wrap command was not working. 


Hi Corey, make sure the cell is formatted to wrap text (through the Text Wrap button on the toolbar) and that there are spaces between words. If there are no space (or words are separated with symbols) then the text will not wrap.


Post a screenshot of your text and how it isnt wrapping if you cant get it to work! 

still doesn't work for me. 

Shawn, the screenshot did not come through. Make sure you are using the image uploading tool rather than trying to paste an image in the text box. 


Also please provide a description of the problem and steps you have taken. Thanks!

I have having the same issue. I am pasting from a form field on a PDF, and even tried pasting as value only. I'm using Safari 10.1, and have not had any similar issues.