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  • Webform names don't match to contact list when inputted on form
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    When using webforms and submitter puts in their name, if their name is already in contacts it doesn't match to contacts name.  So you end up with a new name entry the same as an already existing name in your contacts column.  Could they be…
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    Closed 696 views 42 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • Reports sort dropdown columns differently than a regular sheet
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I have a sheet with a dropdown column for priority: High, Medium, Low.  My sheet sorts them according to the order specified: High, Medium, Low.  However, my report sorts them alphabetically: High, Low, Medium.  Am I doing something wrong?…
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    Closed 245 views 10 comments Most recent by Andrée Starå
  • Automatic item numbering
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    It would be really good to be able to format text entries so that they are numbered automatically based on indentation level like:   1. Header  2. Header 2.1. sub header 2.2. sub header 2.2.1 sub sub header 3. header I actually wonder …
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    Closed 2.6K views 58 comments Most recent by asisson113596
  • Past Due Reporting
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Is there a method to have a report that generates past due tasks? On our task management sheet, I have a ‘due date’ and ‘date completed’. Once a task is finished, my team members will input the date completed. If the date completed extend…
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    Closed 3.4K views 18 comments Most recent by FEspo
  • Suggestion: Ability to choose a form for update request
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    It would be much useful if I can choose which form should used when I sending an update request. Sometimes I need to make some fields required or read-only, but the default form of update request is not allows to do this. One possible scen…
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    Closed 2.3K views 37 comments Most recent by Jay Lim
  • Freeze Rows?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Can you freeze rows?  I'm only finding an option to freeze columns.  
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    Closed 4.1K views 160 comments Most recent by Rob Scheffler
  • PDF exporting
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I find that I can only select columns I want to put to PDF if i have gantt charts on.  I want to export a nice PDF w/o a chart yet still select columns.     I would like to be able to MANUALLY determine the width of columns in a print pr…
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    Closed 578 views 2 comments Most recent by hopek
  • Is it possible to merge cells?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I need to merge cells, some within the same row, some within the same column, etc.  I do not see a "merge cells" button, nor can I find the term in the community here.   This is a basic requirement of a sheet, just curious where …
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    Closed 7.8K views 123 comments Most recent by t.t.
  • Max number of rows?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    What is the maximum number of rows for a sheet? I'm getting errors when uploading but I don't know what the limit is.   Also, are there any workarounds to the limit?   Thank you.
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    Closed 3.6K views 20 comments Most recent by greg.arnson87966
  • Resubscribe Email Notifications
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    One of my editors accidently hit the unsubcribe button on her alert emails for a specific sheet. I tried to reestablish the Email Alert again but its not going through.    Any solutions?  - Ike 
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    Closed 445 views 3 comments Most recent by [email protected]