Hi community,

I', looking after any template that is useable for a Product Planning Process.

I'm working in planning, developpment of industry products (Generators, Gensets)....


Can you give more detail to what you need the process to do? There are many options and with out more detail you will get alot of feedback that does not fit.


many thanxs for reply. We are developping and producing Gensets for Power Production. In future the product management shall controll the complete Product Creation Process. A Scetch from my former Employee is attached. In that company it was controlled by a special software. Product Ceation Process must controll from the early beginnings (Idea...) via SoP, SoS , AfterSales-Service till the product will be phased out......Information from teammembers shall be controlled and status information from serveral IT systems (CAD DesignFreeze, ERP degree of completion)....


Is that possible to show on smartsheet?


You can. You can manage all processes of the job. i do that now. You will need to use more than sheets to get it done. Web forms, reports, sheets, smartsheetlabs, and several add on apps. The sheets are the work horses and the rest help automate and separate data into the right flow process. 


Fyi we build platforms for genSets and other equipment. 

Dear all,

thanxs for the feedback. So I will try to set up the workpages my self....

Looks like I will watch many smartsheet videos in the future  :-)