I had posted another discussion about an issue, but I think I have another issue that might fix my previous issue if I can resolve this current issue.  I was having trouble with manipulating tasks and having a view of all resources to be able to manipulate tasks.  Here is that post: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/resource-allocation-and-manipulation

My current issue is:

I cannot sort a report based on the 'Assigned To' column.  I can sort the report based on other columns, but not the 'Assigned To'.  In my screenshots below, I show not being able to sort based on 'Assigned To' (pic 1), then I show that I CAN sort based on 'Primary' (pic 2), and then I show that I CAN sort based on 'Start' (pic 3).

Why can I not sort on the 'Assigned To' column?

Thanks in advance for any help.




Hi Connor,


Is this "Assigned to" column a dropdown list?  It looks like it may be in the source sheet.  If so, a Report will sort based on the order of your dropdown list, so I'd recommend making sure that it is a Contact List column by going to the source sheet > right-click on the column header > "Edit Column Properties" and ensure that this is a Contact List column.


If it is a Contact List column, let me know!



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Hi Alison,

Yes, both of the columns in either sheet are a 'Contact List' type.  I have other groups of sheet where I am using real names, usernames, emails, and I am getting the same issue.  I just made these testing screenshots for this post.


Hm, strange. 


I'd say that you'd likely want to reach out to our Support team (smartsheet.com/gethelp) to see if they can help you out with this. 


Sorry I wasn't able to get you a solution right away!

Ok thank you, I've submitted a ticket.

Meagan Adolphson

I also am having an issue. It is very embarrassing. I assured my boss that I was able to create a system for reporting with everyones info together and I can't. Seems like a simple thing to be able to sort assigned to's. Please fix this soon!! 


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Hi Meagan,

As a possible workaround, you could add a helper column that shows the values in the Contact column with something like the below example and then sort that column instead.

=[email protected]

Would that work?

Have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting