I am not able to use the bullet or number list when creating new discussions or when replying to them in the Community.


I have tested this in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 machine.


Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Hmmm, you are correct, bullets and numbering does not appear to be working. I will let our developers know. Thanks for pointing this out! 


While you are at it also links.

James, what do you mean by links ? To create a hyperlink, highlight the text and press the hyperlink button next to the numbering button


My error, not sure what i did for it not to work.


Underlining is not working, and I still cannot use bullets or numbering.

I am meeting with our developers today and will follow up on the underlining, bullets, and numbering issue. Thanks everyone!

Yes, that has been a frustration to me as well. The text shows the Bullet Icon as selected, but does not format the text with bullets. I would also like the ability to create bullet lists in the Smartsheet cells.

I can't get bullets to work either...[Alt plus 0149] does nothing. This is pretty basic--no bullets--why is that so complicated?

Hi Howard-- If you're trying to add bullets from a desktop computer with a keyboard that has a numberpad, you'll need to enable NumLock, then use the shortcut. If you're on a laptop, the steps here may help you insert bullets. If you run into any difficulty with this, I'd suggest reaching out to your IT Team, as the shortcut is not operated by Smartsheet, but rather part of your computer's software.


I've gone ahead and added your vote for a built-in bullet list function to our enhancement request list as well Thanks for sharing this input!