In the reports I've used so far a new row is created for each sheet data is pulled from.  Is there a way of combining the results on one row where the primary column is the same?


For example, if I have project RAG status in Sheet1 and project financials in Sheet2, and both sheets have the identical project name as the Primary Column, can I get the report to show only one row per project with columns from both sheets presented on the single row?


The only workaround I can think of for this is creating a Sheet3 that links to the other two sheets, however for the volume of data I'm working with this is not ideal. 





Not yet.

Your work-around is probably your best bet.



I am have the same issue as Richard. My Report that pulls from different sheets with 3 columns that are the same across the sheets, and 1 that is different.

I have 14 sheets that are external to different partners, all with the same set of questions they need to answer. I create each sheet from a Template, so the column names are all the same except the column that has the answers, which is updated with Partner Name. My report is intended to show the 3 main columns, for Question #, Question, and Description, then list each partners answers in 14 separate columns alongside the questions.

In each sheet Column 1 is the Question # (Primary), Column 2 is the Question, and Column 3 is Description, Column 4 is the answer column named for the partner.

The report just lists the same rows 14 times with the answers trailing down in a huge long report.

It has been 3 years since Richard's comment. Isn't there a way to show only the rows with data from the Question #, Question, and Description once, and then the answer columns to the right? Not repeating the questions 14 times in a long sheet? Similar to a join in a DB? I seems like if the columns are exactly the same, then their row data should only show 1 time. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi jw720, did you ever get a solution for your issue?


I am in the same predicament and am interested in how you resolved your issue. Could you please share? Thank you. 

Having the same issue. Any resolve?