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  • Repeatable Task
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    Hello,   Is there anyone using a Smartsheet for employee leave or schedule tracking that has found a way to create a repeatable event such as a reoccurring schedule or leave (like telecommuting or alternate schedule).   Thank you, Jay
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  • Calendar Coding Possibility
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    I am a project manager and assign items to various vendors. I am wondering if there is a way to have the vendors color coded in the calendar view, so that I could look at one calendar and know who has bandwidth? My workaround is to add inf…
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  • Tips and Tricks for Copying Row to Another Sheet
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    We keep master list of everyone who calls our hotline and all of our outgoing calls.  Oftentime, other staff import a sheet of calls to be made, for whatever reason, there is overlap in the information but every one uses their own system. …
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