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  • Sheet Roll-Up
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    I'm curious if there is a way to have a "higher level" sheet that pulls from other sheets.   That way, each individual on our team can have their own projects with greater detail and our supervisor can see a higher level view o…
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  • Autofill Monday based on a deployment date
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    Hi - I have a "date of deployment column" that I would like to auto-populate the column to the left to be the Monday prior to that exact deployment date which I will be calling "Launch week date".  Also the the 3 colum…
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  • Report not Matching Formula Issue
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    Hi, I have created a report to use on a dashboard for showing the number of job cards to print for our workshop. The report is shown below, and you can see that there are different amount of jobs to be printed for each workshop: You w…
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  • Move Row Automation
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    I am trying to create an automation that moves a row to another sheet based on a cell being changed to a specific value.  In my case when I select a vendor to assign that project request to, I want it to move to a sheet that is their queu…
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  • Does Smartsheet email support respond?
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    I have been using Smartsheets for about a year and don't seem to have much luck getting any response from Smartsheet support via email.  Recently noted when they introduced multi select drop downs that the dropdown fields do not appear whe…
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  • IF / OR formula help
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    Hi community, hope somebody may be able to help. I am trying to link a % of completion column with a progress bar. Formula is as follows: =IF([% complete]1 = "0", "Empty", IF(OR([% complete]1 > "0", [% c…
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  • Selecting Multiple Values from a Dropdown List
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    I have created a "dropdown list" column and added the values. I want to be able to select multiple values from the list. How do I do that?   Thanks, Judith
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  • Content Approval Template
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    Hi Guys, Have us used a template that works well for you? Please share
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  • Dashboard Permissions to Report/Data
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    I have created a dashboard for our creative team that is set up so that only the person viewing the dashboard can see their metrics. That being said, I found out the hard way that they cannot see their data unless I share them out to the m…
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  • SUMIF(OR(???
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    I am trying to sum a column if either my Paid in 1st half in 2019 column is checked or my Paid in 2nd half in 2019 column is checked. I am trying to use a few different formulas without success. Here are a two that I've tried: =SUMIF(OR(…
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