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  • Dynamic SmartSheets an Option?
    In Using Smartsheet
    First-time poster and amateur SmartSheet user here. I have an existing Excel spreadsheet for our association's Marketing Schedule. Each month has a row and each marketing medium (newsletter, magazine, social media, online ad, etc.) has a…
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  • Set up Review Request button grayed out in proofing
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    I'm giving the new proofing tool a try, and am stuck. I've enabled proofing on a sheet that I created in a workspace with numerous users with different levels of permissions, and have uploaded and made a couple pinned notations on an imag…
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  • Conditional Formatting For Date Cell
    In Archived 2016 Posts
    Hi,   I want to apply conditional formatting to a date cell if the date in that cell is earlier or later than a date in another cell.  Can someone tell me if this is possible and if so how to do it?     Thanks.   -Marcia
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  • Request update only if no recent update exists?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Am I being dense? I can see ways to automate a reminder based on conditions, but in a sheet with multiple submissions from one person, if I want to remind them ONLY if I haven’t received a recent update, I can’t say “don’t send if.” ? I c…
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  • Priorities within Priority
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    I have my priorities set up for high, medium, low.  I'd like to prioritize within the highs, lows, etc. I'm used to working of an ABC, 123 set up.
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  • If with dropdown list
    In Formulas and Functions
    I'm trying to come up with the formula to dropdown only certain countries if chose certain region. I have two dropdown columns Region and Country If chose Region EMEA, country dropdown list will show DE, DK, NO If chose Region APAC, cou…
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  • Dynamically Add columns
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello,  I have a form that was created that we send to a group of individuals asking them to update the status. Currently, the form is formatted as a text box where we are the individual to format the date and add a comment. As you can im…
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  • Free Collaborator / Unlicensed User
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    Hi, Just a small question is the Unlicensed User can also delete the row? Scenario: we have created a workspace and we want Unlicensed User to only edit the row but he/she can't delete the row.  secondly: if Unlicensed User delete row or…
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  • Filtering/Slicing in Dashbaords
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    Hello SmartSheets Team, I am a little new to SmartSheets, but I have successfully built a dashboard with all the data I would like. However, I can't seem to find any functionality that allows me to filter/slice the data in the dashboard v…
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  • COUNTIF with Dates
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I am trying to use COUNTIF referencing two Dates columns. The first "Due Date" column has dependencies. The second "Dates" column is simply a list of all possible due dates from the beginning of the project to the end (…
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