Ever invented or thought about how to use Smartsheet for the holiday season?

Hi, Im curious about what the community has built or dreamt of building for holiday season needs? templates for sending /automating holiday cards? gift list and shopping? menu/party planning? santa list etc? Im interested in ideas to spread some help and joy via smartsheet this pending season.


  • Purnima Gore
    Purnima Gore ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I planned my entire overseas trip on it.

    I would get a blank sheet and then create groups of tasks that you need for the holiday season

    e.g. food, invites, gifts etc.

    Then add subtasks underneath such as agree food, order food, food delivered etc, use start and end dates and think of it like a standard project plan.

    if you need someone to do something, assign the task to them and without sharing the sheet, you can email them the details of the activity as a status update.

    In my sheet, I had the itinerary listed so I could plan the number of days, I had a visa section so I knew when it needed doing and a section for travel tickets.

    You could use the document generator to create invites if you wanted by uploading the PDF files, download them and then have them emailed off? or attach them to the row and as long as you have email addresses send them the invite (not send them any other columns) and just the attachment which means they get the invite without posting.

    Hope that helps


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