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  • Smartsheet App for iOS: Accessibility Support With VoiceOver
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    We’re proud to announce that we now support Apple’s VoiceOver for accessibility support when you use Smartsheet on your iOS devices. Access Smartsheet items and even edit sheet data on Smartsheet for iOS—even if you don’t see your screen. …
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  • Scan Barcodes with the Smartsheet Mobile Apps
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    You can now use your device's camera, as well as the Smartsheet mobile app to scan barcodes to search for or input data in your sheets. IMPORTANT: You'll need to update to the latest version of the Smartsheet app for iOS or Android, and…
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  • Offline Usage
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I see back in 2015 there were some posts about not being able to use SmartSheet office Is this still the case? and in so, does anyone have any tricks or ideas to get around this   Many Thanks in advance     
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  • Calendar Syncing
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    Is the calendar sync still only a one way export?  Is there anyway I can link my smartsheet calendar to Outlook and then share this with others? I have used the iCal function and this has created a new read only outlook calendar that I ca…
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  • Columns Filters on Phone/tablets
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    Hello dear Smartsheet community. It appears to me that it is only possible to apply "Preset Filters" on smartphone/tablet Smartsheet App. Those named filters presets created on the "browser" version. Using the Android…
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  • Save location in column
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    Hi, Today I have seen new welcome screen in my mobile (android) app saying that from now I can save my location in text/column with kind of GPS icon next to it. Could anyone tell me how to do it?
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  • Problems with Levels in Card View Mobile
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    Hello! Does anyone else have issues with Levels in Card View on mobile (Android)? It appears that the Level view gets reset when leaving sheet -- and even worse, If I set the display to "Level 1 and subtasks", and then I add a …
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  • Dashboard and Sheets - Making 0 appear instead of error or formula
    In Formulas and Functions
    Good evening When we are setting up dashbaords and we have not yet enetered data , how do we make that data show a "0" instead of "# Divide By Zero" , it just looks messy....   Thank you 
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  • Client dashboards
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    Hi, I'm currently using airtable but thinking of moving to smartsheet. My specific need is to take the table data (which my team updates 24/7), format it into simple dashboards, and provide those dashboards to clients particularly via mob…
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  • Picture upload - resize
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    Hi, Is it possible to resize photos during upload? Nowadays smartphones has larger picture's mpx which means that file weighs more and more, which is reflected in uploading time. I have a sheet where users has to audit some areas on dail…
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