Mobile App is View Only

Hello I hope that I posted my question in the right spot.

I created a sheet that is used by several people via mobile App. They are all registered as editors.

When they login at their computer, they can edit the sheet. When they login via mobile app the same sheet is "View Only". This only happens in a few cases. How can I fix it? we already updated the app and restarted it.

Thank you!



  • MichaelTCA
    MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I've noticed this as well.

    There was an update within the last 2 weeks. Not sure when the last time you tried it, but it's possible that fixes were made regarding your concerns.

    Reports seem to be the "view only" as you mentioned, for me. I haven't had a ton of experience with the mobile app because it doesn't really apply to what I need.


    Sheets seem to have some more flexibility.

    Either way, the changes you make in a report also changes what's in the sheet and vice-versa. So technically you can assume they are both editable.

    The biggest issue I have with this is I don't give access for the sheets to everyone. I use the reports to show only data required for the employee and they make changes through the report. So using the phone app wouldn't be applicable in my case.