Salesforce Integration- Worth it?

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Hi everyone!

We currently use Salesforce, Quip & Smartsheet however, we have not yet added the integration to sync them. Can anyone tell me what the huge advantage is to justify the price of the integration? The video links are a bit vague & I need to provide a few good reasons, other than an auto alert if a new opportunity is entered in Salesforce. Your thoughts?


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    I'm glad to see you're considering the Salesforce Connector for Smartsheet! There are plenty of reasons the Salesforce Connector is a good addition to consider if your organization uses both Salesforce and Smartsheet heavily. 

    The Salesforce Connector can be used in a variety of ways to improve your teams execution as new Salesforce opportunities come in. Here are a few ideas:

    • Configure Alerts which fire not only when new a opportunity comes in, but as that opportunity develops
    • Build Reports to track progress on opportunities or to roll-up and summarize sales
    • Build Dashboards to visualize and present your sales data to your team or provide high level overviews of upcoming and ongoing projects

    Generally speaking, the Salesforce Connector allows you to take all of the crucial sales data in your Salesforce instance and leverage Smartsheet's varied set of execution tools to improve how you work.

    When you have the time, I'd encourage you to watch our Salesforce Connector presentation from Engage '18. This goes in depth and includes a presentation from a Smartsheet customer who uses the Salesforce Connector. See that linked below:

    See also our available Help Center documentation below:

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our Sales team using the link below. They will be glad to answer any questions you might have:

    Hope that is helpful!

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    @Nathan Lloyd , the link you provided for the Engage 18 presentation points to a YouTube video that is marked Private. Can you please advise how to view it, or something equivalent that will illustrate use cases for the Smartsheet Salesforce integration. Like Lisa Rae, I’d like to pitch internal management on why it’s a good thing for the two platforms to play nice. How can I demonstrate that each has a vital place in the organization, rather than their being regarded as incompatible competitors?

    @lisarae723, were you eventually able to sell the integration? Has it worked out as you hoped?

    Thanks, all.