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  • Automation - How to Send One Email Notification for Each Changed Row
    In Using Smartsheet
    I am using automation for one of our request approval processes, and need to be able to notify our help desk support team anytime the Completion Date column is updated with a date. I know how to do this, however, I can't figure out how to…
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  • daily notification limit
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    Please help me understand how the daily notification limit works? How this number will be counted? What is the cut off time for a day?
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  • Separate Email Notification per Form Submissions
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    Hello, Is it possible to have a separate notification per form entry? I've setup a form where people are submitting a ticket and, sometimes tickets are entered within a couple of seconds within each other, and Smartsheet automation create…
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  • Sheet Summary Fields in Notifications
    In Formulas and Functions
    Is there a way to add sheet summary fields in a notification? It is possible to add cells by using {{Field}} but this doesn't work for the summary fields. Any inputs are much appreciated. 
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  • comments notification email not functioning
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    My team has been using an automated email to a group of users when certain conditions are not met. When the automation was first created, the users were able to respond via comment, then the assigned person from my team would get an email…
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  • Automation Alerts work sporadically
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    Hi I'm working on automating alert notifications from Form submissions via email, Teams Channel and the Teams Bot and so far the Channel is the only one that seems to work consistently. In all scenarios in my testing, as you'll see in my …
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  • Alerts & Notifications
    In Premium Apps and Integrations
    Hello Can 10000ft can send email alerts for the following please? Timesheet due Timesheet overdue Timesheet approval due Timesheet approval overdue Project overspent
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  • form and automation issue
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    J’ai créé un formulaire mais j’ai plusieurs problèmes : - Lorsque le formulaire est envoyé à un contact, il reçoit un e-mail qui n’a pas le même que celui que j’ai créé dans l’automatisation - toutes les lignes sont jaunes dans l’e-mail - …
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  • Dashboard Notifications
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    Hi, I set - up a dashboard recently for a client and would now like to automate updates to be sent to the client via email when changes are made to the dashboard. i.e. when a new link is added. Is this possible yet? I understand you can do…
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  • Arrange meetings from within SmartSheet
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    Hello, Is it possible to arrange a meeting from within SmartSheet - instead of using Outlook. That way one could send a meeting invitation where the SmartSheet document would be an attachment similar to Outlook process.   Thanks, Sigu…
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