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  • Importing Excel Data into a template
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    I have created a template with all of the appropriate columns, workflows and filters that I need. I have a 4900 row Excel spreadsheet with my data. I would like to import the Excel spreadsheet into my template. I can copy and paste, but si…
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  • Master Roll-Up for multiple project sheets
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    I am reviewing the Construction and Facilities Management template set provided by Smartsheet.  I only have a Team account for now. The template comes with 2 sheets for Projects.  In the Master Roll-Up sheet, you can see the formulas used…
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  • How to set up and automate a template for this report chart in the dashboard?
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    Hi guys, do you know how to set up the following report chart in my dashboard? I have seen this kind of report chart in one of the Smartsheet webinars. My requirements to this report chart would be : Every time I set up a new project plan,…
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  • Dashboard Template
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    I have multiple projects that have their respective project schedule sheets and I created a dashboard of one project. I was wondering if there was a way to make a template of that dashboard so that I could make the same dashboard for all o…
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  • Template set with URL Links not working
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    I have a project plan with 3 supporting worksheets. I want to launch the supporting worksheet FORM within my project plan. So, I copied the supporting sheets FORM URL into the attachment cell on the appropriate row for each corresponding…
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  • Dashboard Form Widget - Product Enhancement
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    I am sure that I am not the only one that has copied a dashboard with needing to go back and edit the "web content" widget which contains a Smartsheet form. It seems like this is one of the few things that does not update when yo…
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  • Annual Calendar Template by Day multi activities
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    Hi, the default set up for the Annual Calendar template seems to only anticipate one activity per day. How can I input multiple Activities per date without adding a new row and duplicating the day of the week and date?
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  • Facility Bookings
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    Hi all. We manage many government/public venues and facilities (sports arena, stadium, parks etc) for which we facilitate bookings. At present, bookings are logged using outlook only viewed by one person. We'd like to begin using smartshee…
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  • Is there a webinar or video tutorial on how to set up the Project Management Office template?
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    I seem to get stuck whenever I try to add an additional project and the formulas between sheets don't seem to transfer properly. I've reviewed the written instructions several times but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I would love…
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  • Print table into template
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    I'm looking for a way where I can export a table from Smartsheet into a pre-set titleblock. If there's a way where I can print directly from Smartsheet and have the titleblock set up so it prints with the table, instead of just the logo an…
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