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  • PMO Template Sharing
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    Hello all,   We have been using SmartSheet mostly for data tracking on requests and proposals.  However, our current project management system falls well short of our needs.   I am in the process of setting up a Project Management work…
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  • Automatically create multiple rows in a smartsheet
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    I'm creating a couple of web forms with a single smartsheet.  Each one will capture slightly different details.  The forms are sort of like a helpdesk queue, where the users can have different requests, but ultimately all the work goes to …
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  • Question
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    Has anyone used Smartsheet to track company vehicle miles, gas usage, etc.
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  • Travel approval workflow
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    I am looking to make a workflow for travel approval . As the request form should be accessible for all employees I would like to use a webform. Approval shall be done by the Project Manager if travel is project related or the respective …
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  • Property Management templates
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    Smartsheet kindly has given us a couple of templates. I am looking for more ! . We are an insurance supplier and our Property Management firms are smaller than the superb case studies here. Of course, the templates can become simple ( but…
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  • Create a Help Desk in Smartsheet?
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    Anyone have experience in creating a Help Desk in Smartsheet? We are trying to find a solution to give our customers a way to reach out to us with issues (not necessarily IT-related) and have the ability to track each.  Anyone have a templ…
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  • Reusing templates with different dates?
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    So I have a template that will be used for every project with each task having a set duration, task name, assignee, etc that will not change. I haven't been able to find anything on how to reuse all the information in the template while ha…
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  • Pull Down Menu Options from Common Source/Sheet
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    All,    I am using Smartsheets to track time, and have run into an issue that I have to believe there is a workaround for. We need our associates to track their time with specific job and client IDs. This can be done by making the time tr…
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  • Construction Commissioning Tracking?
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    Does anyone out there currently use Smartsheet to record and track Construction Commissioning? I'm looking for ideas/templates, etc to help improve the eficiency of our process which is currently to track Cx in Smartsheet and then export t…
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  • Training Observation Form
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    I'm working with another department to create a trainer observation form in Smartsheet. The form is pretty long and has a lot of categories. When I started working with it the number of columns grew quite large.    Does anyone have exper…
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