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  • Sheet Template; Not all Formulas Carry over
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    When using a template, why don't formulas copy over, even when I leave a dummy row in with the formulas, the new sheet doesnt carry the formiula on the next inserted row.   I could have swore that previously, when you inserted a new row …
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  • Workflows with alerts
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    How do I create templates for common workflows that trigger alerts when predecessor tasks are completed? 
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  • Release 2016-08-06 Formulas template link is wrong
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    Regardless of how I get there, the template for formulas is wrong.   https://www.smartsheet.com/solutions/smartsheet-formula-examples   is version 1.5e   I have 1.6 from July 2015   Craig
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  • Update via Templates
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    Travis,   One enhancement I would love to see is an ability to push out updates via a template.  I hear rumors that it is magically possible via the API - can that functionality be brought into the UI?   I am about to update about thre…
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  • Calculating a Due Date
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    Frequently in legal transactions a transaction closing date may depend on the outcome of a couple or more previouls tasks.  It will be the later of two or more previous tasks.  Each task's completion date plus a different number of days de…
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  • Training Record
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    * Hi * I am wanting to create a sheet to keep track of our employee traing records.   We have approximately 20 employees all with a number of training qualifications which they need to re-sit at diiferent intervals.   I need to be able…
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  • Tagging Smartsheet rows
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    I am planning to add a Dropdown List column to each of my Smartsheets with the column name Tags.  Before doing so, I thought I would check with the Smartsheet Community to see if people have done anything like this.  I will be using the ta…
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  • Help with Sites and Sheets
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    I'm struggling to create two things in my Smartsheet. I'd like to have a countdown in the completation date from "today" until our project's expected final day.  And capturing the %done of the project in smartsheet, maybe I'm doi…
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  • Template for a Business Startup?
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    Hi Smartsheet Community,   I'm loving this program, and have created a mockup sheet for task that need to be acomplished for a new business startup. Using the trial version now and will signup as soon as we get our final go ahead from le…
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  • Attaching URL's to Each Row - Is there an option to have them available for the entire sheet???
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    Hello,   When a new row is added to my sheet, I have 3 url links that I need to attach to the row.  I can then "SEND" the row back to the requestor with the authorization and the URL links for them for reference.   Currently …
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