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RISK - Projects

Laura ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 06/12/17 in Archived 2017 Posts

Does anyone use Smartsheet for Risk Assessments / Risk Management? 

If so,  What template do you use and what is your process?

I've found on the link below several templates for Risk Management. However; when I download the excel and import it into smartsheet, the functionality is lost.



Any feedback would be appreciated!



  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 06/13/17

    Hi Laura—

    We designed these risk templates specifically for Excel/Word/PDF, so they might not work so well being imported into Smartsheet. 

    You might have better luck building these from Scratch and foregoing the name/objective columns at the top, as well as those additional pre-risk and post-risk mitigation labels—or including those labels in your column titles.

  • rosullivan


    I had the same issue.  I downloaded the Excel template and then imported it into Smartsheet, but it did not import well and most of the functionality was lost.

    While I really appreciate that you have created these templates for Excel, could you create something similar for your own product, Smartsheet?  I would really like to use something like your Excel template, but use it in Smartsheet, not in Excel.


  • Tim S

    If one of the reasons someone is going to use Smartsheet is for IT Risk assessments why wouldn't you create or import these templates in Smartsheet and make them available?

    It doesn't make sense. Is Smartsheet ever going to create templates for IT Risk?


  • Hi,


    Is there any news on this? I am also very interested in a risk assessment template and a bit frustrated the article I found on your website is actually not for use with Smartsheet. Thank you.

  • FrankW

    Same situation here. Found some good reading materials on risks management:


    Then, recognized the templates only work in Excel (Word / PDF).

    Why can't risks are managed in SmartSheet (rather than Excel)? 

    We are utilizing SmartSheet for project Gantt and Issue logs. We can link an issue with a task in Gantt with just a click.

    We would also like to have Risk register to be managed in SmartSheet so that we can link a risk with a task in Gantt and assign the risk to a pre-defined resources in SmartSheet.  Then, include the risk matrix in the project dashboard.  See attached for example.

    In short, the capability of risk register, risk tracking and risk matrix reporting are definitely almost the MUST-HAVE features when considering utilizing SmartSheet for project management.

    Hope this makes sense to other users of SmartSheet.

    Thanks and regards




  • itpm
    edited 07/18/18


    Agree with everyone above as I talked up Smartsheets so much to help manage our risks and I am trying to put in the formula to link with the matrix to auto populate the "Level of Risk" and it won't work. Is the formula too much for Smartsheet?I just mirrored the one in out excel risk register assuming it would work. I was going insane and rewrote the massive formula so many times and wasted so much time before finally going to community for help hoping someone had solved the riddle...but maybe not :(

  • Ben Dubai

    Hi itpm,

    I created a Risk Management sheet some years ago in SS, but left that company and therefore account. I asked SS if they could get it back, but it was too old, (I think there's a time limit on sheet recovery).

    There are ways of creating formulae and hiding columns to get the conditional formatting according to risk score.

    It was a 'live' document that was updated with risk mitigation tasks and when they were added the initial and residual risk ratings were conditionally formatted to align with relevant risk matrix.

    This did take some hours but I could reconstruct again, in SS and maybe share template.

    If this is of interest let me know.

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