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  • Smartsheet for Audit & Compliance
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    Join us tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time to learn how to mange processes around security audits, industry standard compliance, and data governance using the Smartsheet Solution Center.    To register go to: http://offers.smartsheet.com/2016-…
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  • Notifications and update requests
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    I'm automating the update request and reminder stages to update my activities. The worksheet is not shared, but I've enabled the alert permissions for the least restrictive. The actions and alerts indicator column appears in the reminder …
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  • API for newbies
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    Hi all, I am totally green in terms of creating API and programming stuff, but keen very much to learn it. Do you know any places to recommend as a good start points? Marcin.
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  • Small Business people out there?
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    Hey, Just starting with Smart Sheet I am looking for anyone who manages a small business with lots of tasks for some tips on better time management
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  • Agile Backlog and Sprint Dashboard
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi Everyone,  I've recently upgraded to the business version to use the Agile Dashboard tool for a software development project I'm working on, but I'm a novice Agile practitioner and I can't find much training about how to build and use …
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  • Automatically archive info to new sheet once hit limit .. ?
    In Apps, Integrations, and Add Ons
    Hello there,   Was hoping someone could have some insight on this.  We are looking to see if smartsheets can be the platform for an operators log..  the features of the dashboard and filters to help ease searching ...  But our issue is;…
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  • Event Registration - Link to Webinar
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    I'm using the Event Registration template for people to sign up for a webinar and I'd like to send registrants a link to the webinar after they register. The only way it works is if I include the option to send a confirmation. BUT, the per…
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  • What I learned by enrolling in Smartsheet's e-Academy
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    What I learned by enrolling in Smartsheet's e-Academy:   1)  Course objectives and lesson goals were clearly defined before each lesson. 2) The effort required to learn material was just just right.  Worksheet hand-outs and video walk-t…
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  • one time change cell
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    Hi, There I would like to know if It is possible to freeze a column one's validation is given to make sure no more modification can be done.   Thank you,    
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  • Smart Sheet Expert User
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    Seeking a smart sheet expert user able to to offer consultancy services. Wishing to use the software as a database to read and report on a number of sheets.
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