On December 13th, we made navigation improvements to Smartsheet. These updates include removing Smartsheet tabs in place of browser tabs, and a new left panel where you can access your Smartsheet items.

For details on these changes, please visit this dashboard. The dashboard includes a helpful instructional video as well as links to a blog post and FAQ.



To help ease the transition to the changes, we’ve set up a half an hour webinar of demo and Q & A with members of our design and product teams. The event is called "Smartsheet New UX Q&A" and is scheduled for Monday, December 17 from 8:00 am - 8:30 am Pacific Time (USA).

Here's the webinar registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5230296944453247745

We hope you can attend!


If you seriously think this new layout is an improvement, we must be living on different planets. I fought this idiotic set up for 5 hours today. Wastes screen real estate, eats resources with having so many browser windows open. Horrible idea.

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I'm struggling myself.  It's actually created extra clicks for me to constantly click the Navigation window and then the home button.  So my fall back is to do  like I did before which is to have 5 or 6 Smartsheet sessions open so I can have 6 sheets active at a time.  Saves me time from getting back to home.

Saving between sheets ---

Based on the new design it is much more likely that a user (of any type) will navigate between sheets by using URL tabs on their browser. This requires remembering to hit save on the sheet. In the old setup, when you updated one sheet and navigated to another, the system automatically saved your work.

This is a step backwards.

Can this be addressed?

Thank you

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A fix I have found for saving sheets is changing the automatic saving interval to 1 minute.  That way if I forget to save before switching to a new tab it will only be a minute before others see my changes.

To be honest I wasn't looking forward to this change when I heard about it, and to some extent I am still not thrilled. But I am invested enough to stick with it and see what comes next.

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Is this a setting I can adjust in Smartsheet for all users or do I have to do this on each individual system?   (Forgive me I am not IT; however, Smartsheet is my baby.)

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What setting are you wanting to adjust? As to the new layout, there's no adjusting - it is what it is. No more tabs (and no way to restore them). The best you can do is to "pin" those sheets/reports that you use frequently in either your favorites, home, or recently opened areas of the new layout.

Open Left Panel ---

Is it possible to add a feature to pin the left panel so that it always is open? In a typical management activity I will move between 5-10 sheets in 30 minutes, it is now an extra key stroke (or a couple) to open the left panel. It would much more efficient to pen the left panel open

Can this be addressed?

Thank you

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I really miss being able to have the left navigation strip stay open (what you see when you click on the home button). I am doing a lot more clicks to get back to home base and view my different files. I'm finding it to be very frustrating. I would also like to pin open the Home navigation strip.

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I AGREE!   It's actually created extra clicks for me to constantly click the Navigation window and then the home button.  So my fall back is to have 5 or 6 Smartsheet sessions open so I can have 6 sheets active at a time. Frustrating. I shouldn't have to open Smartsheet in 6 IE tabs to work more efficiently.

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I would also like to see the option to indicate which Nav window opens by default - Home or Recently Opened.  I miss having my tabs because that was easiest for me, but at minimum the ability to quickly see the workspaces and their worksheets without being limited to those recently opened and without having to make extra clicks would be ideal.

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+1 to the ability to pin the navigation window to the left.

Now, every time I start working in a sheet and want to open another one I have to:

1. Click on the three lines

2. Click on the home icon

3. Click on the workspace

4. Click on the sheet


This new design added two clicks to my workflow.  Yes, I know about the shortcut, but most of my users do not - and they are who I care about.  (cough cough hint hint care about the users)

I like the new navigation window look and layout. I however, do not like the new browser tabs. Would rather have a combination of the new navigation window and the Smartsheet Tabs. This new method of opening sheets also eliminates the functionality of the Dashboard that I have setup for the men on the shop floor. Each time they click on a link in the Dashboard it opens the sheet in the current Browser Tab thus closing the Dashboard. What then is the point of the Dashboard which is the main feature we use here. The only way to have a sheet open in a new Browser Tab is if it already exists in your Recent or Favorite folder(s). You then are required to select the collapse (Hamburger) button to the right of the pin and select "Open in new Tab". Not nearly as productive as before. Not liking it...

I hate the new layout.  I want my tabs back.  I worked before seamlessly navigating between all the sheets I needed to be open at the same time. I am now wanting my company to get rid of SmartSheets and just go directly to Google Docs.  At least it is free.

Another vote to restore the old layout and allow multiple sheets to be open at once.  Forcing one active sheet at a time is many steps backwards and must have been an oversight - please restore the Smartsheet tabs ASAP.

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Please go back to allowing more than one tab open at a time. I need to frequently flit back and forth between tabs/sheets. This is more clicks. By having several tabs open it allows you to be working on several things at once and "know where you were" on the sheet. I don't like going back to the last opened strip and opening back up where I was. I keep saying to myself....where was I??

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Here's something I'm experiencing. Dell Latitude E6540, 16GB RAM, Win 7 Pro x64.

I have Outlook, Excel (multiple windows) and Adobe Acrobat open all day long. I also have 2-3 browsers open (Firefox & Chrome), each with multiple tabs open along with the old Smartsheet with 3-12 tabs open. Also need to open Word and PowerPoint frequently throughout the day. I was able to work 2-3 days before needing to reboot.

Now I am forced to have another browser open, dedicated to Smartsheet sheets only, on top of all the other apps I need open.

We all know that Windows is an inefficient OS when it comes to memory resources. In Monday's webinar on the new UX, Smartsheet presenters admitted that they new this new UX would place additional burden on system resources.

What I am experiencing now is getting "Out of memory" messages throughout EVERY day and having to reboot 2, 3, 5 times EVERY DAY!

Combine this with the extra steps/clicks to get to the sheets and I'm struggling to see how this 'improvement' helps me.

Smartsheet has shown that they care nothing for existing users, only new sales. Read through the Community and you see numerous user request that would be of GREAT value, that are 2, 3, 4 or more years old, but only receive the canned "I've logged your vote" response and nothing more.

Things like:

Find & replace for formulas

Copy columns within and between columns

Freeze rows

Conditional formatting of rows, not just columns

and on and on and on......

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Hi Karl,

A major part of Smartsheet's beauty was that it was self contained. I could have my ticketing system, email, system of record etc open and available and only have one smartsheet tab open. Inside that tab all my smartsheets were at my fingertips. (with things moving to the cloud as well... MORE TABS!!)

The new layout means If I am switching between tabs (aka sheets) they are easily going to get lost in the millions of other tabs I have open. May as well use a google dock or excel sheet.

Without being familiar with Smartsheet it may be harder to explain, but I'm sure as you can see, ditching the self contained model was a really bad decision. I've been fielding questions from my team about if we can revert or should switch to something else. Why pay for an additional service when we could use a free or service we already pay for (like a document storing software and just put excel files up there)? Considering we are an enterprise license you would think Smartsheet would be very invested in this feedback!!

I hope this shed's some light on this, but it absolutely changes the feel and flow of smartsheet.

This update is brutal. Major step in the wrong direction.

Ill likely be talking to my team about scrapping smartsheet unless this is changed back to the way it was 

Ok so, the biggest issue for our users is that with the SmartSheet tabs when we opened the interface all our recently used sheets were opened and we could just jump between them. Now we open them in browser tabs but of course when we close the browser and open it again we have to re-open all our tabs.

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Yup.  Once again they tweaked the interface instead of fixing old problems.

Now we're stuck with the new system that requires more clicks and removes some functionality.  Not happy.

These changes are horrible.

Let's take something that was once simplistic and fluid and make it difficult and clunky. Is Smartsheets now a government entity? 

Please revert the tabs, or make it user-selectable. 

The new system is much less efficient.  I routinely switch between several specific sheets, so having them open open and ready to go in one window when I log in to smartsheet was a boost to my workflow. 

Browser tabs are a poor workaround because I now have to open each tab individually every time I login. It is slower, less organized, and clutters my browser.


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This doesn't fix the issue, but you can bookmark a set of browser tabs in a folder and you can open all bookmarks in the folder.

Without wanting to be too negative, nearly all my colleagues who use Smarthseet within the organistion have complained. It is a backwards step. 

The left hand side bar needs to be able to be pinned. Far too much clicking now has to be done to quickly navigate. 

I am in agreement that the new layout isn't work-efficient. I have a set of 8-10 sheets/reports that I constantly go back & forth on, and they were always one click away.

I appreciate the attempt at streamlining, but this just isn't effective for a busy work day.

Can there be the option to use the new layout or the classic version? 



Yep -- I definitely think we're going the way of Google Docs.  Just like Smartsheet except it is free AND you can see people making changes to a sheet in real time and do not have to refresh.  Thanks for making things more difficult Smartsheet.

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The ability to see real time changes is one item our company misses most.  Trying to explain to an older workforce, with very little computer skills, that:

- you can no longer see what cell Sarah is in (Google Sheets)

- but if you look at the top and see a little circle that means someone else is in the document

- and may be making changes so make sure you manually save as often as possible to get your information in there first...


Many ask - why the move?

Richard Rymill Photo

Sad to say that the above comments reflect my disappointment and that of my colleagues and clients.

My immediate issue is... when using Tabs in Chrome to hop from sheet to sheet as we do our work, the Auto save used to work well. However not in that scenario which is really annoying. 

I can only hope for Smartsheet's own sake there is a Back Button and they use it! Mark Mader, we love what you have done in the past, but this is a mistake, please reverse it?

We can probably manage with the new system if we have no choice and we will find workarounds, but just to prove you care about us all, Reverse it? 

Richard Rymill 

Lead Consultant at Smarter Business Processes who make our living helping Smartsheet users get the best from it.  

Soooo.....When are they changing it back?

Have to add my name to the many who are upset about the navigation changes. I realize upgrades can take time to get used to, but this one is actually about efficiency--it's been lost. Quite a few more clicks to achieve what I need to, the open left panel takes up much-needed screen space, and the non-permanent layout/sorting of the sheets is a nightmare! We are so disappointed as this is costing us time. Please adjust the update so tabs are again an option. 

I really detest this new set up.  The tabs were a much better option.  I could quickly jump from one to another and when I wanted to close one, I simply clicked the X.  Now, I have to open multiple browsers or tabs or save them as favorites, which I generally don't want to do because I'm not in most of them frequently enough to make them a favorite.

Go back to tabs!

I REALLY REALLY like the new navigation. Love it!

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With the recent updates to the navigation interface and a lot of complaints from our users, I created how a simple and effective layout should look like. The current layout takes too many clicks and also the interface is getting too cluttered.

Smartsheet should be simple and effective, with the most as possible data in the viewport. Data has to be the primary viewport, not 1000 options and functions, which they should reside in the Menu / row option, as they are not needed daily.

Other users please join the discussion and let the Smartsheet knows your suggestions.

New SS

Any chance the webinar mentioned in this post can be made to view on-demand?


I have submitted a product enhancement request, but my biggest beef is the inability navigate through home and leave your current sheet open, as well as the inability to 'open in new tab' when browsing through home or using search. We use Smartsheet to manage 400-500 projects, so the directory and search functions are critical to our users.

I'm a week in to using the new UX and still contend it is garbage.

It has created so much more work, clicks, overhead, bloat and eats system resources.

For how I need to work, I have a LOT of apps and windows open. I use two (2) 24" monitors, thinking of adding two (2) more due to the amount of information I need daily.

Needing to have multiple browsers open JUST for Smartsheet, is adding to the problems created by the new UX.

We have multiple clients that I need 3-10 tabs open for each. Placing the load for all these tabs onto browsers and overloading the system resources, is a sure sign of laziness and lack of skill of Smartsheet designers and coders.

This is NOT efficient. It is driving us away from Smartsheet. What was once an app that saved time and effort, despite needing a great deal of attention to MANY user requests, is now an inefficient, laborious, tedious challenge.

I now dread sitting down at my computer to work in Smartsheet every day.

I think everything I've been experiencing has already been mentioned by other users, but to sum it up: I'm doing more to get my work done than before. Smartsheet is all about building efficiencies--at least that's how we've been using it--and this seems like a step in the wrong direction. I have faith this will get better in time but I think it's really important users share their perspectives in the hopes that we'll be heard!

Hoping week 2 with this new interface will get easier.

I would like to suggest adding tabs to the top of sheets that would allow you to switch between different sheets.  This would be a HUGE step forward in efficiency. 

And while I personally preferred the Home page, if we are going to stick with the left-hand menu, can we return to the Home menu instead of the Recents?  Or, just remember where you were and return to that place?

I think if Sheet tabs were added at the top of the interface with an option to open the Home menu instead of the Recents menu, this new update would definitely be moving in the right direction.

Please roll back the interface. This change takes up a huge amount of real estate and who wants to spend time bookmarking sheets? I miss the ability to open several sheets at once without having to bookmark. I really hate the "recent" feature.

Ok folks, get ready. Any time now we ought to get a response from Smartsheet and here's what it will be:

"I've logged your vote."

Then nothing. Silence. Smartsheet has provided the same response to hundreds of users with REAL improvement requests that are 2, 3, 4 or more years old and NOTHING has been done to implement them.

This too will go nowhere. Smartsheet does not have the technical knowledge to implement changes that are really needed. Sadly, an expensive lesson learned over the past 15 months of using Smartsheet.

I've been using Google Docs far more since the Smartsheet UX update. Although it's causing me some extra work having to switch between the systems, the quick and easy interface of Google Docs over the new Smartsheet makes it worth it. Please roll back the change!