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  • NEW Core Product Certification by Smartsheet University
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    Hi Community,  We are excited to announce the launch of Smartsheet University’s new certification program, Smartsheet Certified. In 2022 the Smartsheet Certified program will be releasing a series of certifications that are industry stand…
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  • Community survey results (and what we’re doing with them)
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    Thank you all for giving us your feedback in the recent Smartsheet Community survey launched at the end of April! Here’s what we heard:  The Good 🟢 You find the content on the Community valuable (we love to hear it)  Most of you are coming…
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  • Meet Tomasz Kowalski, our May member spotlight! 🎉
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    Cheers to Tomasz Kowalski (@kowal), our member spotlight this month! Tomasz is a Senior Project Manager at Delivery Hero in Berlin, a Smartsheet Overachiever since 2021, and a leader in the worldwide Can-Do community. With Tomasz as an adv…
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  • Welcome Brandfolder to the Smartsheet Community! 🙌🏻
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    We heard you: Smartsheet and Brandfolder are better together. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Brandfolder, Smartsheet’s digital asset management platform, now has its own home on the Smartsheet Community! This Category is your s…
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    Announcement 154 views 0 comments Started by Alison Clancy
  • Get early access to our new System Administrator Certification exam by completing this survey!
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    We’re developing a new System Administrator Certification exam, and we need your help!  We created a job task analysis survey to collect user feedback on the knowledge and skills that are needed to be a Smartsheet Sys Admin. By taking the …
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  • We're doing something that's never been done in F1. Help us power work that matters.
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    Community, as an official sponsor of McLaren F1, Smartsheet has been given a permanent spot for our logo on their cars. But during the upcoming Australian Grand Prix on April 10, it's not our logo that you'll see. We're giving our spot to …
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  • Enhanced Community Search is Now Live!
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    Hey Smartsheet Community, The Community Team is excited to announce a new and exciting way to search, giving you the confidence to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it most. We’ve enhanced our search tool so …
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  • Get access to the new Core Product Certification beta. Time is running out!
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    Get early access to the new Core Product certification by enrolling in the Certification beta. To qualify for the beta; Complete the  Job Task Analysis Survey by 11/16 Provide your email address as part of the survey That's it! You'll auto…
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  • Don't miss our upcoming IT Thought Leadership Webinar: Ensuring Trust in a World of Hybrid Work
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    As businesses continue to navigate new ways of working, the importance of a collaborative and secure remote workforce can’t be ignored.  Join Chris Peake, CISO at Smartsheet along with Alissa Abdullah, Deputy CSO at Mastercard for a coffee…
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  • 💭 Help Shape the Future of the Community Platform
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    Hi Smartsheet Community! 👋 I'm Arsineh, Sr. Community Manager and newest member of the Community team here at Smartsheet. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and learning from each of you as our team works to make the platform a mor…
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  • Meet Kelly Moore, our March member spotlight! 🎉
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    Let's hear it for our March member spotlight, @Kelly Moore! As one of our top contributors in 2021, Kelly can be seen in the Smartsheet Community regularly helping others and sharing her valuable insights. "I joined the Smartsheet Com…
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  • Card View Is Here!
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    For those of you who have been asking about features to support agile methodologies, we have good news: Card View is here. If you want a head start on becoming a Card View pro, check out our new Help Center articles on visualizing your pro…
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  • [POSTPONED] Data Governance at Scale: From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies
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    Note: This event has been postponed. Will update when new timing becomes available! --- Hey Smartsheet Community! 👋🏻 Understanding information permissions is one of the key factors to running and managing a successful enterprise, no matter…
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