I downloaded this template, it consists of 3 sheets,  Dashboard, Report and Sales Pipeline. The instruction PDF seems to indicate that the Sales Opportunity form, created within the Sales Pipeline sheet, is the method for getting Opportunities in to the Sales Pipeline.

Extract from ODF

The Sales Opportunity form is how sales reps submit information about leads to the Sales Pipeline sheet.

But when I complete the form and submit it the information is loaded in to the Report sheet, not the Sales Pipeline sheet. Am I doing something incorrect or does the information have to be loaded manually or the Report sheet linked to the Sales Pipeline sheet to load the data in to the Sales Pipeline sheet from the Report sheet.





Hi John,

You are doing it correctly. If you can see the information in the report, then it's on the sheet because the report only shows what is on the sheet(s).

I think the issue is that the submission is placed in the lower part of the sheet because the rows between aren't empty. If you scroll to the bottom, the entry will probably be there.

Was I right?

Happy New Year!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Hi Andrée

Many thanks for your response, it is indeed further down the sheet. The rows appear empty but obviously 'something' (perhaps spaces) is in these rows.

Again many thanks for your assistance.