how do i get the number of "yes" when columns are not next to eachother. i want the total of "yes" out of the 12 months and then get a percent.

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    You can use this one... but replace the Col# with the full text of your column names.(be sure to still include the [ ] brackets. That will give you the % for each row.

    =(COUNTIF([Col1]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col2]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col3]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col4]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col5]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col6]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col7]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col8]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col9]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col10]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col11]@row, "Yes") + COUNTIF([Col12]@row, "Yes")) / 12

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