Populate a cell from "sheet 1" to a matching row on "sheet 2" if a checkbox on "sheet 1" is checked

Malachilee ✭✭
edited 01/25/23 in Formulas and Functions


I am building an inventory system. I have a form for new items purchased. When filled out, it populates "sheet 1". On that form is a checkbox for "New Item."

When checked, it triggers automation to send the "New Item" data to our main Inventory Sheet "sheet 2" It populates all data except the quantity.

I would like the quantity to be populated when the shipping and receiving person checks the item was delivered on "sheet 1" at a later date.

I have been trying everything I can find online, but nothing is working for me. I am relatively new to SmartSheets, so I have been learning from these forums and trial and error.

This is my latest attempt.

=INDEX({Purchased Inventory Range 1}, 1, MATCH([Stock Room]@row, {Purchased Inventory Range 2}, 0))


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