Hello Smartsheets,

I was looking for some advice using JOIN/COLLECT. If I'm using JOIN/COLLECT to pull from a column that has repeat instances of the same value (in my case vendor names) is there a way to only show one instance of this name on the sheet they are being displayed on? So that I do not see the same name shown multiple times in the same cell? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

The current formula I'm using, which displays the vendors from another sheet that are associated with a certain item in another column:

JOIN(COLLECT({Pre-Booked Vendor}, {Item Name}, [Item Name]@row), CHAR(10)))

But I may end up with a list in the "Display Vendors" cell such as follows, but I only need to see each value once:

Vendor A

Vendor A

Vendor B

Vendor C

Vendor C



  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Matt Desjardin

    Are the vendor names in a multi-select drop down column, single select drop down, or just a text/number column?

  • Matt Desjardin

    Hello @Mike TV

    I actually think I've managed to figure out what I need using JOIN(DISTINCT(COLLECT. The vendor names themselves are just a text/number value in a column from one sheet. Using DISTINCT I was able to just display each value once in the other sheet where they appear together in one cell. Appreciate the promt response and your time thank you!

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