Determine if all checkboxes are checked


I have a row of checkboxes, and I am trying to come up with a formula that determines if all checkboxes have been checked, but keep getting unparseable, looks like the below screenshot.

These are two formulas I've tried but haven't gotten anywhere:

=IF(COUNTIF([Done? (10)]@row = 1:[Done? (9)]@row=1:[Done? (8)]@row=1:[Done? (7)]@row=1:[Done? (6)]@row=1:[Done? (5)]@row=1:[Done? (4)]@row=1:[Done? (3)]@row+1:[Done? (2)]@row=1:[Done? (1)]@row=1)=10,"Completed","Initiated")

=IF(COUNTIF([Done? (10)]@row, [Done? (9)]@row, [Done? (8)]@row, [Done? (7)]@row, [Done? (6)]@row, [Done? (5)]@row, [Done? (4)]@row, [Done? (3)]@row, [Done? (2)]@row, [Done? (1)]@row) = 10, "Completed", "Initiated")

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