I am using the SUMIF formula and have one that is written exactly the same way as all my others. The top formula is returning a #UNPARSEABLE. The bottom formula is returning with a sum of 11 (screen shot below)

The top snip below is the column heading - this is the column that seems to be the issue. I can get this formula to work with in cells with K5 - 1st grade and 3rd grade - 12th grade. The column is formatted as a text/number field, and it is populated with numbers.

I've rewritten the formula several times and it still dies when I get to the 2nd grade - without forms piece. I may have looked at this too long, but I can see no reason this formula should be failing.


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Double check the column names in that second range. It looks like there is a misspelling. One thing that can happen is an extra space is tucked in somewhere, but Smartsheet does not display extra spaces.

    I am actually putting 5 spaces between each word in this sentence .

    In the above, it only displays as 1 space between each, but there are really 5 stored on the back-end.

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