Calculating ticket count by Month for past 1 yr


Hello, I have created a metrics sheet that gets the count of closed tickets based on Month and Year. I want to display the last 12 months ticket count trend in the dashboard. I am stuck and unable to identify the last 12 months starting Jan 2023 to Feb 2022. Can you please help me how I can display the last 12months?

I have used the below formula to calculate the count of tickets but want to know how I can identify last 12 months from today.

=COUNTIFS({Demo - Use Cases for Trial Delivery CompletionMont}, [Completion Month]@row, {Demo - Use Cases for Trial Delivery CompletionYear}, [Completion Year]@row, {Demo - Use Cases for Trial Delivery Optimi Hierarc}, =1, {Demo - Use Cases for Trial Delivery ReqStatus}, OR(@cell = "Completed", @cell = "No Longer Tracking"))


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