How to count unique values in different columns

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I am using smartsheet to run an internal promotion for some phone agents. The promotion is they have to refer 15 unique customers to our YouTube channel to earn the reward. So, I need to count the number of unique entries they have. For example, if an agent name matches my name@row, I want to count the number of entries when the following criteria are met:

  • ticketid does not match another ticketid in that column (so the ticket id has to be unique)
  • account name AND customer name do not match another account name AND customer name on a different row where my name@row is the agent (for example: if agent A and agent B both refer Customer A, both agents would get credit for that referral, but if Agent A refers Customer A twice, agent A only gets credit for one of those referrals).

Is there anyway to do this with a formula? Many thanks in advance!


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