Meet your Smartsheet Community Champions! 🏆

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
edited 03/22/23 in General Announcements

If you were at ENGAGE in 2022, you saw a few folks in the Community Platform Booth rocking a feather boa and a crown, ready to say hello and answer your questions. Some of these individuals were the first Community Champions, and now, we can't wait to introduce you to the inaugural class!

Please leave your congratulations in the comments below ⬇️ for these amazing Members:

Community Champions are Members who demonstrate product expertise and generosity in sharing best practices and support with others on the platform. They are selected twice a year by the Smartsheet Community team, based on a number of criteria relating to engagement metrics, how they reflect Smartsheet's values, and their diverse perspectives.

Though you already may be familiar with many of these names, they are here to help you as you continue to achieve with Smartsheet. Think of them as your new favorite teammates in the pursuit of getting things done. They'll be rocking their Champion badge in their profiles!

We'll be doing a second round of inductions in May of this year, so if you want to be considered, continue to participate in the platform and help others. We see you!

Congratulations Champions, we are so inspired by you. Thank you for going above and beyond.