Populating a cell based on the marked up check box


I'm looking for a formula that produces the text that wasn't checked, "Joey also went to the store" to be displayed on the highlighted cell. How would that pan out?

In other words, I would like every cell in column 2 that has text in it and is NOT flagged all in one cell.

I tried using a formulate like =IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Column 2:Column 2])),JOIN(COLLECT(Column 2]:[Column 2], [Column 3]:[Column 3], @cell = 0), "-")

But this hasn't given me any luck. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


  • Katie G
    Katie G ✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried something with just JOIN COLLECT like this?

    =JOIN(COLLECT([Column2]:[Column2], [Column3]:[Column3], 0), "")

  • Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your response. I have tried something like this formula, but I only want to capture Column 2 with text. I am using a line break delimiter (Using a helper column), but the cell is way too big when I do this.

    In all I'm trying to format the cell in a way where it could read:


    Joey also went to the store

    He bought a sandwich


    Please let me know if this is even possible.

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