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We created a dashboard that includes a chart from a sheet summary report. However, while the total records are correct, the % is not (i.e., the 1st Meeting total is 67, but it shows 47%, which is not accurate - it's actually 12% of the total). So, I created another summary field to calculate the correct %, which works, but then the dashboard shows 12% and 47%). Would someone please explain why this appears this way? And, if there's something we could do to correct this? Thank you!

Screenshot #1 - Using %

Screenshot #2 - Using Amount (as a %)


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  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Tony Fronza

    Hey Tony. The % calculation is driven based on what numbers are shown in the half pie chart.

    So it's taking 1st meeting Completes + SME Follow Ups + Proposals Issued to give you a total. It then divides that total by each of those individually to give you the %.

    What is the correct info you're looking for it to display? And how is that data/counts represented in your sheets?

    Ryan Sides

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