Subtract Hours in Smartsheet


Is there a way in Smartsheet, like in Excel, that you can subtract hours and convert PM to AM? I have a "KO time" column, and a "Start Time" column, and I am wanting to subtract 5 hours from the KO time column to have my "Start Time".

The formula I have in excel does not work in smartsheets (="KO Time"-(5/24)) and I am trying to migrate this sheet from excel to smartsheets


  • SWilson
    SWilson ✭✭

    Smartsheet handles time poorly. There have been requests for at least six years for features that allow you to work with time as well as date. I can tell you how to write the formula, but it's not going to do much good if you can't display the time. However, in case you're exporting back out to Excel, you would write the formula basically as you have it, but your syntax is slightly off. It would be:

    =[KO Time]@row-5/24

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