If statement with an OR... HELP


I have looked at this for hours now. I have a cell where I want to calculate in a column [project age] in days. I have a cell for [start date] and [end date]. When I use =today() - [start date]@row, I get the right answer. I also have a [project status] cell with a drop down list of: preliminary, active, cancelled, closed/complete, on hold. I don't want to calculate the age of the cell [project age] if the cell [project status] is canceled or closed/complete and do want to calculate it if is is pending, active or on hold. I used this formula

=IF(OR([Project Status]@row = "cancelled", "", [Project Status]@row = "closed/cancelled", ""), TODAY() - [Start DAte]@row) and get # invalid data type

When I use this formula, I get the right answer =IF([Project Status]@row = "cancelled", "", TODAY() - [Start DAte]@row)

What am I doing wrong?


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