Countif two fields from two different sheets match

Hi All,

I am working on a data summary table and want to try and make my life easier and not have to edit each cells formula. I would like to take two matching drop downs from two different sheets and if they match, count the rows the fields match, based also on some secondary requirements.

My current calculation is referencing a second sheet completely and counting based on the primary field "Not in Use" and then secondarily only counting if other parameters in that row are met. If possible, i'd like to change the Sheet 1 summary that would update the calculation based on the status (Not in Use, Active, etc..).

Sheet 1 - Not in Use

Sheet 2 - =COUNTIFS({Master Equipment Tracking -In Development Range 1}, "Not In Use", {Master Equipment Tracking (In Development) Range 2}, "HDRL/Serology", {Master Equipment Tracking (In Development) Range 1}, "Centrifuge")


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