Consolidate entries from multiple columns and add a hard return (or extra line) between entries


I would like to use a helper column to add a space and division between entries in multiple columns in the same row - i.e

Row is a deliverable

Column A, B and C are the status from 3 teams that have a status on that deliverable

consolidate the status in Column A, B and C into a single column/cell AND divide out the status for ease of reading

Overall Status (column header)

Status A


example of status A

Status B


Example of Status B

Status C


Example of status C

Helper column/cell would have the dotted line and a hard return after the dotted line


  • Adrian Mandile CHESS
    Adrian Mandile CHESS ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @NicoleB,

    The function CHAR(10) will give you a carriage return/line break.

    You will need to Wrap text the Overall Column to see the effect of it.

    The JOIN() function will concatenate a range of column values, for example if you have:

    =JOIN([Team A]@row:[Team C]@row, CHAR(10) + "----------" + CHAR(10))

    will give you 'Overall Status' result for Deliverable 1 of:

    Not Started


    Not Started


    In Progress

    Or else, (without a bunch of additional helper columns for each of the Team names), you could do something more convoluted like this (for Deliverable 2):

    ="Team A – " + [Team A]@row + CHAR(10) + "-----" + CHAR(10) + "Team B – " + [Team B]@row + CHAR(10) + "-----" + CHAR(10) + "Team C – " + [Team C]@row + CHAR(10) + "-----"

    to give you:

    Team A – Completed


    Team B – In Progress


    Team C – Completed


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