What's your Process Power? Mine is Velocity!

Share your Process Power and consider answering the following questions:

  • Is your power something you intuited or something you learned? My process power is a bit of both! Organization, discipline, and logical thinking are a big part of my personality, but harnessing and developing these aspects of my personality has been a learning process. I love the potential this opens up for me to collaborate with others who can benefit from my skills and who can pull out the best in me. Looking at you, Foresight and Connection!
  • Describe a time when you utilized your power and Smartsheet to succeed at work. My process power of Velocity has been a huge benefit to me when setting up my personal templates and designs for my daily work. Setting up these templates has been a HUGE time saver for me when I am setting up new projects.
  • Fill in the blank: I feel most in my power when I _______. am working in Smartsheet! It's the perfect tool to meet my Velocity needs!


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