Using COUNTIF in Summary


I'm looking to create a dashboard. I've got a column in a sheet that has 'Not Started', 'In Progress', 'Complete' as options. I could do with a report that shows 'Not Started' = x and 'In Progress' = y etc.

How do I go about this? Ideally I'd like to put Countif into the Summary rather than update it manually as the statuses could change quite a bit.

Any ideas or other methods as I can't see the wood for the trees at the momemnt...




  • Colleen Patterson
    Colleen Patterson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    =COUNTIF(Column Name:Column Name, "Not Started") replacing the column name with the actual column name. The sheet summary would easily be able to hold these data values for you.

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  • KatieDi
    KatieDi ✭✭

    Hi Colleen,

    This is great, thank you.

    Do you now know how I add text to the end? I can obtain the result, e.g. 65, but I'd like the summary to say 65 Not Started.


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