Selecting chart widget colors for items with no data

This is driving me nuts and wasting time - is there a way to fix this I haven't come across yet?

We standardize colors on all our chart widgets across dashboards, so data for multiple projects is easily read. For example, a chart widget totaling tasks by status will use blue for Complete, green for In Progress, orange for Not Started, etc. Essentially, we choose the colors in these widgets with a purpose.

But when there's a total number in a category that drops to 0 and then has data again, the color resets itself to a random color - usually the same color that another category is using! (all of a sudden On Hold tasks are the same color as Complete tasks, because we had a few days with no tasks On Hold, and then added one)

In Pie Chart & Series I can only select the colors for data points that have data *at that moment*. For this reason we've added example rows in our templates just to populate data for each widget in the template dashboard, so colors can be selected. BUT (using the example again of a widget totaling tasks by status) when the number of tasks in that status drops to 0 and then hits 1+ again, Smartsheet assigns it a random new color, not the one originally chosen.

Is it possible to select colors for all possible statuses in the column even when there's no data there yet?