INDEX MATCH is returning #NO MATCH or the wrong email address


I have a Smartsheet that I have populated with INDEX MATCH, and it works great. My last column is to pull in the email addresses of all the employees, based on their employee ID that has previously loaded into the Smartsheet via an INDEX MATCH. So my [Site Contact 1 ID\@row is data sourced from an INDEX MATCH already. I am wondering if that is why I am having issues.

Smartsheet 1 has Location assignment# and employee ID#

Smartsheet 2 has the employee ID# and employee email address

Smartsheet X is populated by INDEX MATCH with location assignment # and employee ID#. Now when I want to INDEX MATCH for the email address on SS2 and reference the employee ID in SSX, it will not work. it will assign the wrong email addresses or give a #NO MATCH

=INDEX({Contacts - Account Team - 1-13-23 Range 1}, MATCH([Site Contact 1 ID]@row, {Contacts - Account Team - 1-13-23 Range 2}), 0)




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